Early 'spring' cleaning

With our first child due to arrive almost any day now the last couple of weeks have been a blur of activity to tick things off our to-do list before we find ourselves in the grip of sleep deprivation and up to our elbows in used nappies.

As well as finishing decorating the nursery, fitting car seats and buying a few last minute things for our birth bag, we found time over the Christmas break to clean out the polytunnel and greenhouses, bottle our first batch of homemade cider, build some new compost bins, and enjoy our first ever home-reared turkey for Christmas dinner. If you add in some other odd jobs that we've also done around the house then you'll no doubt understand why there hasn't been a great deal of time to post on here in recent weeks.

Whilst the last few weeks have been really busy time they've also been hugely rewarding from the point of making progress towards getting everything ready for spring and the arrival of our first four-legged livestock. There's still plenty more to do before then but we'll hopefully be able to squeeze the rest in between feeds and nappy changes.