Norfolk Black turkeys

Each year we rear a small number of Norfolk Black turkeys for Christmas. Norfolk Blacks are a slow-growing, traditional breed that take longer to mature but produce more succulent, flavoursome meat.

We keep our turkeys in a large garden shed that we've modified to ensure that they're safe and warm at night (and during the day if the weather's bad). We’re probably a little biased but we think it’s a great place for them to live.

When they’re not in the shed the turkeys are able to roam freely to graze the grass in our field and scratch around for any bugs they can find. We also feed them the best turkey feed we can source as well as any spare leafy greens from the veg patch (turnip tops are usually a favourite).

All of our birds are dry plucked at a mature age, finished by hand and hung for up to 14 days. This hanging time allows the meat to develop its full flavour and to become deliciously tender.

Ordering details

Due to demand we normally only rear Norfolk Black hens, which typically reach 'oven ready' weights of 10 - 12 lbs. If you need a larger bird (18 - 21 lbs) then we're happy to order a stag for you, but you will need to let us know by the end of July.

The price of each bird will depend on their final 'oven ready' weight, but you should expect to pay between £55 and £65 for a 10 - 12 lbs bird, which compares well with the prices for free range turkeys at quality supermarkets.

If you have any questions or would like to reserve your turkey for this Christmas then please contact us. Once you've reserved a turkey you'll be registered to receive our monthly 'Turkey Telegraph' newsletter containing updates about the birds and final pricing and collection details.