Tamworth pigs are a hardy, outdoor breed with distinctive ginger colouring. The breed is ideally suited to being reared on a small-scale as they thrive outdoors and are excellent foragers and browsers. Sadly, as they're not commercially viable for intensive farming, Tamworths are classified as 'Vulnerable' on the Rare Breed Survival Trust's watchlist, with only 200-300 breeding sows in the UK.

Tamworth weaners

Tamworths produce meat of a very high quality with outstanding texture and flavour. As a true dual-purpose breed they yield excellent pork (for joints or sausages) as well as incredible bacon and ham. Interestingly, their hair colour doesn't transfer to the meat so there's no ginger coloured crackling.

Our pigs are fed on quality feed from a local mill and kept in a generously sized part of our field, allowing them plenty of space to graze and root as they naturally do. They also have access to a constant supply of fresh water and a cosy straw filled ark for shelter.

Ordering details

If you'd like to place an order for some amazing rare breed pork joints, sausages, bacon, or even a half or whole pig, then please contact us.

Pork boxes

To give you an idea of what you can expect, an order for half a pig will give you approximately 20kg of meat and include the following:

  • Shoulder joints
  • Leg joints
  • Loin (as joints or chops)
  • Belly (as two or three joints or cut into strips)
  • Kidney
  • Liver
  • Hocks
  • Sausages (3kg)

The above is only an example; if you'd like something specific then please let us know when you place your order and we'll do our best to work with our local butcher to accommodate your requirements.

We also offer 10kg pork boxes. These include the same variety of cuts listed above, there are just fewer joints of each type included in the box.

Gammon, bacon & sausage boxes

If you prefer your pork cured then our gammon, bacon & sausage boxes are just the thing and are available in two different sizes (10kg or 20kg) depending upon your appetite.

We can also highly recommend making your own bacon if you'd like to have a go - we even have a guide to help you out.!


Quarter Pig Pork Box (approx 10kg) £95 collected / £110 delivered
Half Pig Pork Box (approx 20kg) £180 collected / £195 delivered
Whole Pig Pork Box (approx 40kg) £315 collected / £335 delivered
Quarter Pig Gammon, Bacon & Sausage Box (approx 10kg) £105 collected / £120 delivered
Half Pig Gammon, Bacon & Sausage Box (approx 20kg) £200 collected / £215 delivered

If you're interested in placing an order or have any questions then please contact us.