Incubating eggs

Our first batch of Aylesbury hatching eggs arrived safe and sound yesterday morning after their long journey from Cornwall. It’s the first time we’ve ordered hatching eggs through the post so we were relieved that they arrived in one piece.

We’d switched the incubator on in plenty of time to allow it to come up to temperature so, after allowing the eggs to come up to room temperature, we put them into the incubator last night before going to bed. The eggs are a little on the large size for our ‘mini’ incubator but we just managed to squeeze them in. Our one concern is that the incubator might not be able to rotate them properly because of their size. It’s difficult to tell whether they’re rotating or not so we’ll need to draw some marks on the shells in the next day or so to make it easier to check.

Apart from struggling to tell whether they're rotating, everything else seems to be fine so it’s now just a case of waiting for 28 days for things to take their course. If you’re interested in following along then we’ll be setting up a webcam (eggcam?) in the next day or so to let you see how things progress.

Duck eggs in the incubator