Pig fencing (part I)

Continuing the theme of fencing from our last post, over the weekend I managed to find some time to make a start on the semi-permanent electric fencing ready for our pigs. Our plan is that we'll use the fence to stop the pigs from roaming across all four-and-a-bit acres of field (allowing us to graze some sheep on it as well), whilst also acting as a first line of defence should they decide to try and find out what our neighbours’ crops taste like.

There’s not much to show you just yet – I’ve only put three of the four corner posts in – but I’m pleased by how things are going. Not having any previous experience of erecting stock fencing and being armed only with a post hole digger I wasn’t entirely sure what I was letting myself in for, but (without wishing to tempt fate) things seem to be going pretty well so far.

Even with only three posts, seeing the outline of the fence take shape really helped me to decide on the design for the rest of it. I’ve decided to go with five wooden posts at key points (the four corners, plus an end post where the gate will be) and use plastic posts in between to keep the line level. My thinking is that this combination will allow me to use the sturdy corner/end posts to get some good tension into the polywire, whilst retaining some of the flexibility of using simple push-in plastic posts for the majority of the fence.

Having sketched out a final plan earlier this week I’ve since ordered the remaining things (i.e. posts, insulators and gate kits) that I need to finish the job. With a bit of luck they’ll arrive in a couple of days and I’ll be able to make some swift progress this weekend and have some photos of the finished fence for you next week.