Two and a half months

It's been almost exactly two and a half months since we got the keys to our new house and the combination of a day off work and some wet weather have finally given me the time to let you know how we've been getting on. As you might guess from the time that's passed since my last post the last couple of months have been very busy but, looking back now it feels as though we've made a huge amount of progress and that things are beginning to settle down a bit.

Over the last few weeks we've focussed on keeping on top of picking our ripe fruits and vegetables (the red currant harvest seemed to go on forever!), clearing overgrown parts of the garden, and taking on some of the more urgent jobs around the house. On top of all that we've also found time to add three chickens and six turkeys to our way of life. Getting the turkeys in particular has been a real milestone for us as they're the first animals that we're rearing for the table (more on that to come).

Whilst it's been very busy (and tiring) at times, we've really enjoyed settling in to our new home, meeting our new neighbours, and making the most of the good weather this summer. Hopefully we'll be treated to a few more weeks of sunshine to see us through the autumn but, in case we aren't, we still have more than a few of our removal boxes to unpack.